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The Easy Yoke
Discover the way that leads to rest of the soul.
An invitation.
Jesus Christ made a powerful proposition when he invited His followers to take on His Yoke. He said that His yoke was a tool of learning that would lead to rest of the soul. What a profound proposition. What is this process of learning that leads to rest of the soul? This is the question we explore in The Easy Yoke.
Key Concepts
  •   What is a Yoke?
  • How does learning lead to rest?
  • Parts of the Person
  • Apprenticeship
  • Identity Formation 
I strongly recommend The Easy Yoke for any church that wants to begin to seriously explore what it looks like to walk with Jesus in the day to day trenches of life. Andrew was a clear and effective communicator, and his training in the Arts provides a unique and valuable perspective on what it looks like to follow Jesus from moment to moment.
 Christopher McNerney
One Day Retreat
The Easy Yoke is a one-day retreat that invites participants to contemplate Jesus's invitation, engage in interactive exercises, and reflect on their own journey.
  • Participant Workbook
  • Online Portal
  • Opportunities for follow up 
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